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Who We Are…

We’re sharing the best in life for you and your family

To level-up and make life easier for all you go-getters—it’s our mission. poshmom is your one-stop virtual community for info, inspo, and intel on everything modern mommy. We’ll lighten your “mother-load”, lift you up, and support you like a strong set of abs (and help you get those abs!). We will give you the posh infusion you’ve been missing ever since you first donned a diaper bag!

Watch how to glow-up after a grueling night with little guy throwing up. Read about the only nose spray that banishes ear infections. And join our Posh Mom Pros LIVE as they dish on everything from creating a birth plan to de-cluttering your house and mind. You’ve got everything going for you, except time. By sharing our collective secrets for streamlining the mile-a-minute-momathon, we free you up for more fun, more quality hours with your family, and more moments when you feel truly polished. We’ve got you!

Each poshmom Pro is a member of our dream team mom squad, The Motherboard, and is a guru in her lifestyle lane. They seek out and exhaustively test the means to manifesting your best life. Ask our Wellness Posh Pro live about Ashwagandha. Can it solve your sleep issues, maybe even your kids’ issues too? And how do you even pronounce it? Our livestreams answer queries as simple as what jeans you will live in this season and as weighty as whether you should share the results of a gene test with your pre-teen. We don’t claim to know it all, but we’re banded together in our shared identity and paring it all down for you.

Let us launch you into the supermom orbit—or at least smooth out the bumps in your motherhood journey and beautify the scenery along the way. Let us know what you want to read, learn, see, or vent about. We can’t wait to brave these waters with you.

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