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The Baller Phone You Need To Get
Monday, February 23, 2015 4:43 AM

1b85c4e9b-5a3d-41bb-afb4-ead0f21f689blargeMove over iPhone

We wish it wasn’t so, but the truth is dinner time aside we’re more or less glued to our phone and up until not too long ago it was an iPhone. Let us save you the trouble of phone comparison shopping next time you’re in the market because Samsung’s Galaxy S5 beats the iPhone in all the things that matter most (plus if you get it in gold it will certainly up your cool factors with the kids).

In addition to a sharp display, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has an even more impressive camera, and the user experience is intuitive and streamlined.

A phone that we can use without a genius bar? We couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Dish with us: What’s your phone of choice?


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