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Bee Well
Thursday, February 5, 2015 6:00 AM

unnamed1Honeydrop Beverages

We’re not ones for cleanses. Paying to be deprived and restricted to 1,000 calories (or less!), doesn’t strike us as healthy or realistic, but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe that we’re in need of a little detox from time to time. With that in mind we were excited to try a new line of nutritious cold-pressed juices from Honeydrop Beverages, all of which were designed with detox in mind.
The juices are packed with antioxidants and nutritive ingredients, sweetened only with pure, raw honey. Two flavors are available Apple Ginger Lemon Daily Immunity. Neither of the blends are ever heated meaning they not only retain all of their nutritional potency but also the pollens that have been shown to help alleviate allergies.
Drinking one of these first thing in the morning is a great way to amp up our typical morning lemon juice and water mix to set us on the right track for a clean and healthy day.
Better yet down the Lemon Cayenne Cleanse pre workout and watch your energy sore.
Dish with us: Do you believe in cleanses?


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