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Dr Teal
Wednesday, February 4, 2015 6:00 AM

unnamedAffordable Foaming Bath

The problem with getting a regular old cold in this frigid weather is that unless you stay bundled up at home there is no hope of having it go away in a day or two. Who has time to call in sick from work? Let alone that calling in sick from mommy duties is never an option. However we’ve learned over the years that if we’re not good to ourselves, we’re useless to anyone else, which is why when we were hit with the sniffles we turned to Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath ($5.99).

Infused with essential oils it helps calm the body, hydrate skin, relax tense muscles, while leaving us with an overall sooth sensation. It’s remarkable how much stress influence overall well-being and it’s even more remarkable how much of an impact taking 20 minutes to yourself can have. And all that for just under $6!

Dish with us: How do you detox in a short amount of time?


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