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Lovely Valentine’s Day Idea
Wednesday, January 28, 2015 6:00 AM

dct05c_degustation-gourmands_2Forget flowers and chocolate

OK, ok, just in case the hubbies are reading this we don’t want you to really forget flowers and chocolate, but Valentine’s Day is a day where we like to celebrate everyone we love and that, of course, includes our close friends. We had this grand vision of baking a basket of treats this year, but as per usual we have a feeling our schedule is going to get the best of us. In comes Palais des Thés to the rescue with a slew of ready-to-gift, wonderfully tasteful (and tasty!), tea options.

The brand launched three new themed gift boxes - “Les Floraux,”“Les Fruités,and “Les Gourmands,each includes five all-natural flavored teas to indulge the senses with floral, fruity and sweet treat flavors. The five tubes are filled with whole leaf tea and retail for $29 (each tube contains enough tea to brew a 6-8 cup pot.

Our sweet tooth leads the way and we’re loving Les Gourmands” (the Sweet Treats Tea Set). Incredibly flavorful and clean in flavor the set includes all-natural, unsweetened black, green and rooibos teas flavored with classic dessert flavors including almond and apple and chocolate.

Your girlfriends will rejoice at the intense but calorie-free, love-filled treat!

Dish with us: What are your Valentine’s Day plans?


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