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Squatty Potty
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 6:00 AM

images3Toilet Stool for Colon Health

It sounds insane we know, but if there’s one thing you need to get for your bathroom it’s a Squatty Potty. Odds are your hubby (and possibly you), are vocal about your bowel troubles and the reason might very well be your toilet. Research has shown that the best way for humans to eliminate is by squatting, a position not feasible with modern day toilets. The Squatty Potty helps us mimic the natural squatting position and in the process it has been shown to help treat constipation, hemorrhoids, colon disease, urinary difficulty/infections, and pelvic floor issues.

The kids will laugh and….probably the hubby too, but push the hubby to use it because it will help!

Not yet convinced? Click here to check-out a fantastic video the brand put together to highlight all of this simple stool’s benefits.

Dish with us: Do you or your husband have problems eliminating?


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