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Secret’s New Deodorant
Monday, March 4, 2013 6:00 AM

secret-stress-response-canister1Don’t let stress leave its mark

Did you know there are three main causes of sweat and that stress sweat actually smells the worst? It smells the worse because it comes from a different gland: Sweat caused by heat or movement comes from the Eccrine glands, found all over your body and concentrated in your palms and soles of the feet, made up mostly all from water, whereas stress sweat comes from the Apocrine glands, larger and concentrated in the underarms, which contains a much higher concentration of nutrients that bacteria feeds off of. More nutrients means more bacteria, and more bacteria causes the worst-smelling odor…this explains a lot is all we could think when Secret’s pros revealed this insight to us.

To make matters worse Secret research showed that women sweat on average 30 times more when stressed than resting so they they’ve just now launched their New Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response, which has proprietary technology (BCD molecules) that actually traps and locks away odor to neutralize it and then releases a fresh scent.

The freshly scented  underarm must has been proven to be four times more effective at protecting stress-induced underarm wetness than a regular antiperspirant and thank goodness because there’s nothing more embarrassing than being at a parent teacher conference when you can - literally - smell yourself.

Dish with us: Do you have a go-to deodorant?


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