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Wink Frozen Desserts
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 6:00 AM

images2Low cal ice cream alternative

We love ice cream and when we say love we mean LOVE. The fat, cholesterol, and calories however add up very quickly especially when you’re more than capable of finishing 1/2 pint in one sitting. Enter Wink Frozen Desserts.

At 100 calories for a whole pint (that’s right a whole pint!), they’re about as guilt-free as it gets. We’re still not quite sure how they do this, but the frozen desserts are totally sugar, fat, and cholesterol free. What they do have is protein, fiber, and an ingredients list with only recognizable ingredients (i.e. nothing gross and artificial here). To boot they’re egg, dairy, and gluten-free so they’ll work even for those who are allergy prone. They’re also GMO-free and all-natural.

No they don’t taste like Ben & Jerry’s, but their texture is a dead ringer for ice cream - seriously. No flavored water taste here and all four flavors have a wonderful creaminess to them too. Better yet somehow they’re sweet! They work to satisfy our sweet tooth and the kids love them too.

Who knew satisfying our sugar cravings could come….without sugar.

Dish with us: How do you satisfy your sugar cravings when you’re working on being healthy?


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