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Healthy, Delicious Granola Fix
Tuesday, January 3, 2012 11:31 PM

anahola-granolaHands down the best granola

Most people hear the word “granola” and automatically think healthy, but the truth is many granolas come chock-full of fillers and some are even loaded with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (ie the worst kind of fat). Avoid the trap and beeline straight for the fantastic pick below!

Anahola Granola has been hand making granola in small batches since 1986 so trust that these folks know their stuff. Based in Hawaii they exclusively use fresh, high quality ingredients and zero fillers – that right, no mystery ingredients with tongue twister names here. Better yet many of their varieties incorporate some of Hawaii’s delicious (and incredibly healthy!) native exotic tropical fruits. Granola varieties include original, tropical, mango ginger, and there’s a trail mix along with some bars for when you’re on the go. All of the brand’s orders ship the day after they’re made and trust us when we say the mixes are so incredibly delicious that they won’t last long, so order in bulk.

Who would have ever thought the kids would WANT to eat something with whole grain oats, seeds, sun-ripened papaya, and Hawaiian-grown macadamia nuts?

Dish with us: Are you a granola fan?


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