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Mini Pops
Friday, August 19, 2011 6:00 AM

mini-pops-logoHealthier version of popcorn

We all know that at its core popcorn is a healthy snack, perfect for entertaining the whole family on movie night. The problem is for our kids to eat it, it usually needs to be coated in salt and butter or caramel, and then there goes the healthful factor. Also as any mom of young children knows, popcorn is considered a choking hazard because of its hulls that can get caught in young children’s throats – oy! We of course didn’t let that stop us and we setout to find a perfect alternative snack for movie-time entertaining. In come the just-launched Mini Pops.

Not only do Mini Pops lack those dangerous popcorn hulls making them a better choice for kids, they’re healthful and delicious. The snack comes in plain as well as seven other flavors all of which – even Sea Salt, Caramel, and Baby White Cheddar – are low in calories, incredibly low in salt, and delightfully flavorful. If you’re wondering how this can be, Mini Pops are actually sorghum grains. They look and taste just like mini versions of the popcorn we all love, but are healthier (fewer calories, less saturated fat, less sodium, and more protein, calcium and fiber), and these particular ones are organic, pesticide- and genetically modified-free, and grown in the USA.

The best part? The grains don’t get stuck in your teeth. Here’s to pop-able perfection!

Dish with us: What do you serve on movie nights?


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