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O.N.E. Coconut Water
Monday, January 17, 2011 1:20 PM

one-coconut-water-splash-15Forget the bananas

Bananas driving you bananas? Searching for an alternate source of potassium we decided to give coconut water a whirl and boy are we (and the hubbies and the kids!), glad that we did.

Our coconut water of choices comes from O.N.E. because their water comes in portable packages that we can easily enjoy on-the-go or at the gym (coconut water goes down super easy, so it’s a healthy alternative to sports drinks). Not only does it come loaded with more potassium than a banana, its got calcium and magnesium too. Plus no fat, no added sugar, no cholesterol, no preservatives, and five essential electrolytes. We get energized after a serving of the coconut goodness – which comes in a variety of flavors – and our skin has reaped positive hydrating effects from it as well.

O.N.E has even got a kids version of the refreshing beverage focused on giving our little ones the proper balance of potassium, sodium, and carbs with no added sugar. Called O.N.E. Kids, it comes in Apple, Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, and Orange.(adult flavors are more on the sophisticated side). And all of O.N.E.’s coconut waters comes from young green coconuts, the healthiest variety.

Dish with us: Have you tried fresh coconut water?


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