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Little Ragghi Crackers
Thursday, August 26, 2010 6:00 AM

crackers1Artisan Flat Bread Crackers

It’s tempting to blame someone or something else every time we host a dinner party and inevitably end up running an hour behind. Excuses, excuses we know (the nanny was late, the hubby never picked-up the baguette, one of the kids needed their painful swimmer’s ear treated…it’s always something in the life of a busy mama!). We’ve found that the best way to buy ourselves extra time, is to serve delicious, conversation-starting snacks when the guests begin to trickle in.

The latest and perhaps most wonderful discovery we’ve made has been Little Ragghi’s Crackers. Not only do these babies come beautifully packaged with a leaflet describing the story about how they came to be, the crackers themselves are gorgeous (and that’s not a word one uses often to describe a cracker).

Ragghi’s Crackers are little flatbreads with a touch of olive oil, a little seasoning, and some of the best dried cheese we’ve ever tried. They go great with vino, spreads, cheese – basically anything to get your guests’ appetite revved up.

If the taste isn’t enough to get you hooked (which we would find hard to believe), each of the crackers are handmade by Native American Indian Raggatha Calentine and a portion of each purchase is donated to the Native American Family Camp.

Just don’t put too many crackers out or you’ll be stuck with a whole lot of leftover from the actual dinner…

Dish with us: What’s your favorite amuse bouche to serve to your guests?


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