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Thursday, May 17, 2007 12:00 PM

blackie__horse_book.jpgBecause you’re the parent and have figured out a thing or two, you want your kids to benefit from your journey and all its potholes and pitfalls. You can occasionally have success getting them to eat their peas and carrots, but it’s more of an uphill climb to get them to embrace your philosophy. The job of teaching your children all that matters in life is made easier with the joyously written and beautifully illustrated book, Blackie, The Horse That Stood Still.

Hiding tears along with the other moms at a local reading, we were struck by the big, important messages that were interwoven throughout the jaunty, rhyming prose: Know who you are; be true to yourself; protect our open space; be mindful of change; death is a part of life.

Based on a true story of a horse named, you guessed it, Blackie, Christopher Cerf, co-creator of Sesame Street, who’s won his share of Grammys and Emmys, writes this treasure. Paige Peterson, a nationally recognized artist, who knew Blackie personally, illustrates (Paige will be Taylor and Colleen's guest today on “The Good Stuff”). Read it by yourself first. That way you won’t have to explain the tears. Then, curl up today, tonight, or whenever and share this book with your kids. Not to worryâ€???their eyes will be dry as they delight in Blackie, and they’ll remember and appreciate all the things you taught themâ€???even if they thought they were just enjoying a bedtime tale.

Dish with us: What age do you think it’s okay to talk to your kids about life and death? Post your comment to be part of the new blog.


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